How to Ensure You Always Buy High-Quality CBD Products

Unless you know a few brands that you can trust, it can be difficult to pick out high-quality CBD products from the lot. In this article, we’ll look at some tips to help you avoid falling prey to shoddy CBD products.

As you may know, there are different ways of extracting CBD from the hemp plant, including CO2 extraction, infusion, and solvent extraction. The CO2 extraction method produces the finest CBD. However, it is a complicated process and involves the use of expensive equipment. While the infusion and solvent extraction methods work, they do not provide the best quality CBD and may contain residues of chemicals used in the process.

On the other hand, CO2 extraction gives you pure CBD. It involves the use of dry ice. If you are looking to buy premium-quality CBD products that you can trust, ensure it was produced with CO2 extraction.

Another critical thing to look out for when buying CBD is where the hemp is sourced from and if it is organic. Manufacturers of CBD products usually make this information available on their packaging or their website. The reason why you need to check if the CBD product is sourced from organically grown plants is simple. During the extraction process, residues of contaminants and pesticides, which may be present in the plant, could be transferred into the final product. Therefore, if you buy a CBD product that is not extracted from organic hemp, you may be putting these contaminants and pesticides into your body. Organically grown hemp does not contain any traces of these contaminants and pesticides. Therefore, they are safer.

It pays to check out customer reviews when you are shopping for CBD products online. Sometimes, a product may seem reliable. However, you’d find people complaining that it is low-quality. This is why it is important to read customer reviews online. Thanks to the freedom of the internet, companies cannot completely control the narrative. Although they may be sponsored reviews of products out there, you will also find genuine reviews too. If you find a CBD product that you want to buy, take the time to scour through the internet – both on social media, on the manufacturer’s website, as well as vaping blogs and forums – to find out what people who have used the product think about it. If you find several people with negative comments about a product, it is an indication that you must steer clear of it.

Most reputable CBD companies make test results of their products available to customers. These test results by third-party labs show the safety and purity of the products. While most companies make this information publicly available, others may not. Do not hesitate to send an email to a company to ask for third-party lab test results of their products. If the company fails to provide it, then they have something to hide.

These are just a few tips to guide you when buying CBD products online. Remember, when it comes to CBD, low prices aren’t always good. The process of extracting CBD is quite expensive. Therefore, if you find a company selling its products at very low prices, it may have cut corners, and its product may not be trustworthy. Ultimately, you must experiment with a few products to find the one(s) that satisfy your requirements.

One CBD brand worth checking out is SunJoined. This company does not only make products but is also a network for different players in the industry. SunJoined provides a platform for small scale farmers, distributors, processors, and manufacturers of hemp products to share ideas and collaborate.


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